Employee Data Management

The MINT System is a highly sophisticated all in one solution for records management and the tracking of training needs, ideally suited for organizations that need to manage a huge amount of employee records data and coordinate their qualification renewals. The software works as hosted SaaS or onsite solution and allows the management of all employees, resources and the related training data in one single environment. The open and modular software architecture allows a flexible and fully-scalable setup, to exactly match any kind of organizational structure. Existing MINT customers all over the globe rely on the effortless integration of the MINT system architecture into existing systems and databases.

Stay compliant. Simple and secure.

The unique design of the MINT records management engine enables planners to keep track of various types of resource qualifications. The powerful qualifications management and editing functionalities keep all records accessible and editable at any time. Paper free records management becomes reality, evaluation sheets and certificates can be created with the integrated design tools and easily connected with the records of each individual’s personal data file.

Records Management

The unique architecture of the MINT System brings all employee information together in one single database.

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Continuation training

The powerful MINT qualification management engine supports all kinds of continuation training needs and related training records, while it automatically calculates training due dates which are shown in the integrated qualification queue.

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Automated Expiration Alerts

The MINT System automatically tracks all employee qualification data and alerts upcoming due renewals.

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Very often, a specific employee qualification, its currency and re-validation, is connected to other qualifications that the same employee might need for his legal compliancy.

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Terms of Reference

During an audit of local aviation authorities, it might be necessary to supply valid qualification certificates for each employee.

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Forms and Certificates

The MINT form creation module allows the design of any kind of forms like grade sheets, trainee feedback forms and certificates.

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Read and Sign Workflows

Create and maintain certain workflows within an organization, is essential.

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Queries and Statistics

MINT TMS includes powerful tools to create detailed statistical reports, for example to evaluate trainee and trainer performance, or to check due license renewals.

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Plan. Learn. Evaluate.

MINT LMS is the sophisticated learning management add-on for MINT’s Training Management System. It empowers training organizations to schedule, perform, evaluate and store online trainings and related trainee data within one single tool. MINT LMS can be integrated into new and existing MINT SaaS environments. No additional set-up or data install is required.

Blended learning

MINT LMS is a powerful solution for blended learning – flexible planning and combination of classroom and home study schedules is being organized with some mouse clicks.

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SCORM compliant engine

WBT content can be assigned with a few mouse clicks.

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Worldwide successful

Globally known technical training organizations entrust the management of their technical training scheduling and record keeping to the MINT Training solution.

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