All Records and Training Data at a Glance

MINT TRMS is ideally suited for PART-147 training organizations, technical training departments of airline operators and other training providers. The all-in-one solution allows automated training scheduling, records management and training data evaluation, the management of all employees, any kind of resources and trainings data in one single database.

The open and modular software architecture and a flexible and fully-scalable setup help to exactly match the customers’ organizational structure. MINT customers can simply use the functionalities that they require and rely on the effortless integration into existing systems and databases.

Compliance and cost optimization

The unique and flexible design of the MINT records management engine enables planners to keep track of various types of resource qualifications. The easy to use qualifications management and editing functionalities keep all records accessible and editable at any time.

Paper free records management becomes reality, evaluation sheets and certificates can be created with the integrated design tools and easily connected with the records of each individual’s personal data file.

Records and Resources

The MINT TMS software architecture is designed in a way to bring all training related information together in one single database.

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Continuation training

The powerful MINT qualification management engine supports all kinds of continuation training needs and related training records, while it automatically calculates training due dates which are shown in the integrated qualification queue.

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Forms and Certificates

The integrated form creation module allows the design of any kind of forms like grade sheets, trainee feedback forms and certificates.

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Terms of Reference

During an audit of local aviation authorities, it might be necessary to supply valid qualification certificates for each employee.

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Queries and Statistics

MINT TMS includes powerful tools to create detailed statistical reports, for example to evaluate trainee and trainer performance, or to check due license renewals.

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Report Builder

The new MINT Report Builder consists of an innovative graphical query editor utilizing the new MINT Object Graph Technology, a graphical layout designer similar to the unique MINT Form Builder, and a proven reporting engine.

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Paper free. Excel free.

A lot of the magic of MINT lies in its unrivaled scheduling capabilities. The solution handles all stages of planning and scheduling within a few seconds while respecting corporate work rules and resource availability.

All kind of resources can be managed within the system and even the most demanding training scenarios can be generated automatically. Manually performed scheduling that used to take days or even weeks on larger projects, can now be done in minutes. No more Excel required – but of course we do support the import and export of that file format.

Flexible Curriculum Design

Planners can define course designs for all types of training events in unlimited versions and revisions.

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Employee Web-Portal

The integrated MINT WebPortal is a powerful web-based complement of MINT WebAssistant, which gives instant access to training schedules, access to grade sheets and much more.

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Cost-optimized scheduling

MINT optimizes training schedules considering internal organizations business rules, preferences and constraints – while constantly providing the overview about all related business processes.

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Plan. Learn. Evaluate.

MINT provides sophisticated tools for web based or electronic learning. The LMS add-on for MINT’s Training Management System is an enhacement that integrates into the main software. It empowers training organizations to schedule, perform, evaluate and store online trainings and related trainee data within one single tool. MINT LMS can be integrated into new and existing MINT SaaS environments.

Blended learning

MINT LMS is a powerful solution for blended learning – flexible planning and combination of classroom and home study schedules is being organized with some mouse clicks.

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SCORM compliant engine

WBT content can be assigned with a few mouse clicks. Trainers and trainees get access to their individual course schedule and training data with their individual MINT WebPortal login.

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Worldwide successful

Globally known technical training organizations entrust the management of their scheduling and record keeping to the MINT Training solution.

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Air Berlin

MRO, Technical Training, Record Keeping, Training Scheduling


Pilot Training, Cabin Crew Training, Technical Training, Record Keeping, Training Scheduling, Sabre Crew Control Integration

JetBlue Airways

Pilot Training, Cabin Crew Training, Record Keeping, Training Scheduling

«MINT provides a single platform for our scheduling, record keeping and data needs while remaining scalable for JetBlue’s future growth. In MINT, we found a vendor that went beyond a simple software usage agreement. MINT is working with us to also identify areas where we could leverage the TMS to improve business processes and solve other problems – this is a real partnership»

Lufthansa Technical Training

Technical Training, Record Keeping, Training Scheduling

“I can check within minutes whether a certain course demanded by a customer will be possi-ble to schedule in the desired period of time. If not, I can as quickly suggest an alternative timeframe. Personally, I have been working with MINT since 2003 and it is always fascinating to see how MINT can keep up with the requirements of a fast living industry like aviation.” Nickolai Pahl, MINT TRMS System Adminstrator


Technical Training, Record Keeping, Training Scheduling

MINT TMS was chosen because it had the best design for airline operations. As part of the transfer to MINT, Qantas adapted some of their processes to MINT TRMS instead of customizing the solution. After 3-4 months, they went into production.

«Mint really thinks like an airline. They made us rethink our business processes and we asked ourselves why we didn’t always do it this way»