myMINT App

Always stay connected

The new myMINT App is the mobile connection to the training and resource management system MINT TRMS. It is constantly connected to the MINT TRMS database and displays the individual training schedule

and all training related notification messages for all employees. All updates and changes are being pushed to the app automatically.

Try it out now


To connect the app to your user account, you must first search for your companies MINT database name, e.g. “ABC Airline”,
and then simply login in with your MINT account user name and password.

We have added a limited number of free MyMint slots to all MINT SaaS customer databases that already support the MyMint App
(all customer environments running on MINT Version 10 or higher). Be fast and try it for free.

If the login is being denied, additional MyMint slots must be purchased. In this case please contact your system administrator.

Extended Test Period


The test period has been extended for all testing customers until March 31st, 2017.

All MINT TRMS SaaS customers who would like to purchase the MyMint App as additional functionality for their MINT system, please contact their Key Account. If you have issues connecting to the MyMint app, please contact MINT customer support for assistance.