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MINT Software Systems is a full-service supplier of sophisticated software products for the aviation industry and other training intensive industry sectors. Our flexible, modular standard learning and training management system is based on innovative software technology and valued by aviation and non-aviation organizations all over the globe.

Our Services

MINT Software Systems offers a variety of products in the field of resource planning and record keeping and a complete spectrum of services including: MINT Software Systems is the leading provider of flexible, modular standard learning and training management systems based on innovative software technology.

  • Consulting & Project Management
  • Software Development
  • System Integration
  • MINT Software Training
  • Software Maintenance & Support

Our Mission

We are the leading provider of flexible, modular standard learning and training management systems based on innovative software technology. Our most important target audience is the aviation industry as well as other training intensive industry sectors. To supply the optimum amount of usability, we guide our customers during the implementation phase to get the most out of our powerful and future oriented products.


MINT’s unique method for entirely automatic scheduling was developed at the University of Kiel in northern Germany and in cooperation with Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT) starting in 1994. Generating the annual training schedule had been a totally manual process at this company up to this date. A remarkable improvement in resource utilization and costs reduction became apparent, because standardized routine processes could be accelerated significantly. As a consequence, in spring 1998, Joerg Latteier and Christian Hollmann founded their own company MINT MEDIA INTERACTIVE to promote their new product.

Over time and with a growing and changing user community, MINT extended the scope of its Training Management System (TMS) to include all relevant fields of aviation related training. Continuous improvement and new developments have led to the implementation of many powerful enhancements such as the very reliable record-keeping tool, a new automatic and cost based scheduling engine, many usability and user interface improvements and new, sophisticated reporting and data analysis tools. Finally, starting with the delivery of the fully web based MINT Version 9 in early 2014, the new fully integrated LMS became available.

MINT has grown during the years and owes its success to highly committed employees and their cumulative and extensive experience in the aviation industry and its requirements, and of course to their expertise in software development, integration and implementation. Our team enhances and improves the MINT system constantly and takes care of our customers and their individual needs around the clock.


MINT Software Systems headquarter is based in the Kiel Science Centre building at the heart of the Kiel Science Park, which provides space to both the business and science sectors.

MINT Middle East FZE is located at the Sharjah Airport International and our hub to the eastern hemisphere. Our US office, MINT Americas is located in Orlando, Florida and taking care of our customers in North and South America.

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