Headquarter in Kiel

The MINT company headquarter is located in the beautiful city Kiel, in northern Germany. We are based in an office building called «Kiel Science Center». (German translation «Wissenschaftszentrum»).

Please enter the building through the central main doors, (no key or code required here), then turn right and take the elevator up to the second floor.


Kiel Science Center

Fraunhoferstr. 13

24118 Kiel, Germany

Phone: +49 (0) 431 530215-0


The closest international Airport near Kiel is Hamburg. To plan the transportation between Hamburg and Kiel, you have the following options (plan approx. 90 minutes travel time):

Exclusive Limousine service (one way € 75.00), please book via: +49 431-77080

KielExx — a shuttle service (shared with other travelers, one way starts at € 30.40), which connects Hamburg Airport and any address in Kiel. If you choose to travel by Kielexx, it is strongly recommended to reserve a seat by phone at +49 431-77080.

Kielius — a scheduled coach service (one way from € 20.00) between Hamburg Airport and the Central Bus Station in Kiel. The coach service doesn’t require a reservation, but also doesn’t bring you all the way to your destination in Kiel. It is possible to order a taxi for the connection between main station and your final destination, just ask the bus dri-ver to order the taxi for you.

KielExx and Kielius both depart at Hamburg Airport Arrival Level between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

Rental Car Services — In Terminal 2, Arrival Level, you will find 7 rental car companies offering their services.


Office in Orlando

The MINT Americas office is located in the magical city of Orlando, Florida. Our office building is only a short drive from the Orlando International Airport (MCO).

The building is located at 5955 T G Lee Boulevard. Once inside the building, please go to Suite 250 on the second floor.

MINT Software Systems US Inc.

5955 T G Lee Boulevard

32822 Orlando, FL, USA

Suite 250

Phone: +1 (407)-601-5740

Our office located in Orlando is only a short drive from the Orlando International Airport (MCO). See directions Ground Transportation (Rental Car/Taxi Services) — Located in Main Terminal, A Side, Level 1