To provide you the most powerful, reliable and secure software, MINT uses proven technologies. With all data stored in one Oracle Database, you get the market leader in RDBMS systems providing support, scalability and security. With all data stored in a save place, MINT uses Java as programming platform for the API Server, the WebPortal and the rich client.


The MINT system is fully web based. The installation of MINT TRMS is only done on the server side and has two user interfaces. “MINT WebAssistant” requires Java Webstart to run, “MINT WebPortal” is an HTML5 based website and can be accessed with any web browser.

MINT WebAssistant

With MINT WebAssistant, your users can access MINT at any time from any computer that supports Java technology.

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MINT WebPortal

The integrated MINT WebPortal provides instrcutors and trainees with instant access to grade sheets and related training schedules and information.

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MINT Software will adapt to your needs. Starting with one server hosting the database, api server and web server at the same time up to highly specialized and configured database servers connecting to a separated api and web servers.


The well proven 3-tier-architecture consisting of database, api server and rich-client or web-portal allows to separate different parts of the application on different physical machines.

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When scaling your MINT System for many users, you want the users to be aware of each other.

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The well proven 3-tier-architecture consisting of database, api server and rich-client or web-portal allows to separate different parts of the application on different physical machines.

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With MINTs add-on concept, fully integrated and customized pieces can be integrated on the fly. This allows you to get your very own context menu item on the employee entry right below your cursor. Furthermore you can develop your own interfaces communicating to the MINT Server using the same webservices API used by MINT.


To provide you a customized product, MINT implemented the concept of Add-Ons.

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Connectivity beyond the MINT System.

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When managing resources, you easily get into millions of data items. MINT brings structure into this data, makes it filterable, maintainable and alerts you whenever you want to get alerted based on your data.

Proven Concepts

MINT provides you the way to organize your data. With datastructures, tuned eversince 1998 when MINT was founded, you get the best possible base structure which you can extend by your own properties and definitions.

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Adaptable and Flexible

With MINT, you can setup your system to show its flexible but complex face to the experienced and specialized staff only while presenting your instructors or trainees a simple and intuitive interface.

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As all connections are established either to call a website in the WebPortal or to call webservices, the server can easily get configured to allow only https connection with transport layer security. This effectivly prevents man-in-the-middle attacks as well as phishing.

A finegrained permission system

Permissions can be given to users on a very detailed level.

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To access the MINT Software, your users will use the same technology you trust when performing online-banking.

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With the astonishing simple concept of keeping ALL data in one database which is hardened with constraints. All possible damage to the data can be prevented by creating very simple backups.

Save Storage

As all data in MINT flows directly into the Oracle Database, there is only one place where working data is stored and needs to be saved to backups.

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Audit Trail on Database

To ensure, that no change or deletion of data stays untracked, the MINT Audit Trail is implemented at the lowest possible layer.

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MINT always strives to give you the best UI experience possible. With UI improvements in mind, MINT implemented JavaFX to provide interfaces which get intuitive with animation and smooth by state-of-the-art 2D graphics acceleration.

With JavaFX

JavaFX is the brand new state-of-the-art UI technology provided by Oracle.

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