Corporate training and Knowledge Management

Some industries licensing and qualification tracking is in some aspects even more complex than it is for aviation or flight crew training . For example, MINT TRMS is successfully used by air traffic control organizations as well as some non-aviation related training departments. The modern, modular and web based structure of the MINT training management solution allows administrators to effectively handle any kind of employee and training data, manage all ongoing training demand and use the integrated tools for effective data input and storage.

Keep track. It’s simple.

The unique and flexible design of the MINT records engine enables planners to keep track of various types of resources qualifications. Simple and easy to use data-setup and editing functionalities keep all records accessible and editable at any time. Paper free data storage becomes reality, as any kind of certificate can be stored within the database and linked to each individual’s personal data in the qualifications and records archives.

Training need analysis

The qualification and currency management engine of the MINT System automatically feeds the training engine and vice versa.

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Qualification Tracking

All employee qualifications are tracked, individuals who are due for a recurrent training will be automatically queued for scheduling of their next training.

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Flexible Rules

The MINT System is very flexible in terms of rules and settings.

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Training evaluation

MINT supports individual job task and training analysis to improve the overall course design or training evaluation standards.

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Records management

The MINT system is able to collect all training and license related data about employees and any other resource, which can be tracked and stored within the same database, or communicated to other systems via the various interfaces that are available.

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Upload Documents

It is possible to attach documents to each employee or resource, for example to store electronic copies of scanned licenses, certificates, manuals or any other kind of relevant documentation, that needs to be safely stored in electronic format.

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Paper free. Hassle free.

A lot of the magic of MINT lies in its scheduling capabilities. The solution handles all stages of planning and automated scheduling. Even the most complex training schedules can be generated while respecting corporate work rules. Of course it is also possible to manually perform scheduling adjustments at any time. Planning tasks that used to take days or even weeks on paper, can be accomplished with MINT TMS within a few minutes.

Flexible Curriculum Design

MINT supports the modeling and relational connectivity of all necessary curriculum components in their applicable details.

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Individual scheduling rules

Rules can be set up individually for each curriculum to determine required resources by their qualification profile and by defining which training information shall be kept in the detailed training history.

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Cost optimized scheduling

MINT optimizes training schedules considering individual business rules, preferences and constraints – while constantly providing the overview about all related business processes!

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Automatic notifications

Existing schedules can be easily modified, while employees will be automatically notified by email and via the MINT Web Portal.

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«Real time» data

After a completed training, the signoff with an integrated grade sheet automatically triggers the update of license expiry dates within seconds, which does not only avoids errors of manual input, but even more important, saves a lot of time.

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Web-Access to Grade Sheets

With the integrated MINT WebPortal a powerful web-based complement of the MINT Assistant is at hand, which gives instant access to grade sheets and related training schedules and information.

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Plan. Learn. Evaluate.

MINT LMS is the sophisticated learning management add-on for MINT’s Training Management System. It empowers training organizations to schedule, perform, evaluate and store online trainings and related trainee data within one single tool. MINT LMS can be integrated into new and existing MINT SaaS environments. No additional set-up or data install is required.

Blended learning

MINT LMS is a powerful solution for blended learning – flexible planning and a combination of classroom and home study schedules can be organized with a few clicks.

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SCORM compliant engine

Trainers and trainees get access to their individual course schedule and training data via the multi compatible web-interface.

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Worldwide successful

The renowned air traffic control organization Skyguide entrusts its record keeping and training management to the MINT Training solution as well as some non-aviation organizations

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